While the BCS title picture got a lot clearer today as both Oregon and Auburn took care of business and the Heisman Trophy is safely headed for Cam Newton thanks to the NCAA’s recent ruling, another competition has been thrown into absolute turmoil.  The race to the top of the giant fuzzy character world is spinning with the news that the Capital One Mascot Challenge semifinalist Cincinnati Bearcat was arrested for a snowball throwing/security guard shoving rampage.

The Bearcat is currently in the semifinals of the annual competition and trails Paydirt Pete from UTEP by just over 1,00o votes:


Today’s news leaves all kind of unanswered questions:

  • Will this increase votes for the Bearcat because fans like a mascot with street cred or hurt him with family friendly voters?
  • Was this all just a ploy by a desperate mascot looking to make up the gap on Pistol Pete?
  • Will the NCAA immediately reinstate the Bearcat or is his eligibility in doubt?
  • Is the whole discussion irrelevant given the performance of the Oregon Duck and Big Blue in the other semifinal?
  • Is this the image Capital One wants representing their national champion?


Cosby Sweaters is demanding answers but at the time of this post Capital One, The Bearcat and Pistol Pete had all not replied to requests for comment.  We will continue to closely monitor this ongoing story and update our readers as events unfold.