Founder and CEO of Facebook (better known as the little dipshit that runs Facebook) Mark Zuckerburg, is the 50 Cent of corporate America. As hip hop fans know, Fif got his start “going in on people”…as it were. His 1st single “How To Rob” went after everyone hot in the music industry at the time. The song contained lines like:

I’ll snatch Kim and tell Puff, “You wanna see her again?”
Get your ass down to the nearest ATM

Mark Zuckerburg has a very similar strategy. If you’re a hot startup, beware: Zuckerburg wants to kill you and take all your shit. He recently went after the lightning hot Foursquare with the clumsily developed “Places” app. And now rumor has it that they’re going in on the current darling of Sand Hill Road, Groupon. From

Facebook is currently testing a new “Facebook Deals” service which enables businesses to provide deals whenever visitors check-in to a physical store. The new service is being tested with a limited number of partners…Whether or not Facebook is charging for the service we aren’t quite sure. Ultimately any number of deals that Facebook can get launched on their site will help drive more users to check-in places.

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