Riley Gaines NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines reads an email from her phone during Gov. Kim Reynolds Harvest Festival at the Elwell Family Food Center at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on Saturday, October 14, 2023 in Des Moines.

This week, the transgender community was struck with a pretty significant blow as transgender swimmer Lia Thomas lost her legal battle as she tried to challenge rules from World Aquatics banning transgender athletes. And anti-trans activist Riley Gaines is celebrating the decision.

In a statement following the decision from the Court for Arbitration of Sport, Riley Gaines offered her reaction to the news while blasting Lia Thomas and repeatedly misgendering her by using male pronouns. Gaines also called for the NCAA to strip Thomas of all the awards, titles and records that she won at the college level.

“This ruling is a small victory for girls and women everywhere,” Gaines said in a statement according to Fox News. “I think we will see more wins like this both in the judicial courts and the courts public opinion as time goes on. Although he would never qualify, Thomas can still try out for the men’s U.S. Olympic team. I hope the NCAA now takes a similar decisive action by stripping Thomas of all awards, titles, and records he stole from deserving female athletes.”

Since tying Thomas for fifth at the NCAA Championships, Gaines has made a career speaking out against transgender athletes in sports.

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