Field Hockey Injury Field Hockey Injury

Last week, a video went viral showing what was reportedly a transgender girl hitting an opponent in the face with a shot during a high school field hockey game, causing injuries. And now, one of the players is giving details about the horrifying injury.

The incident happened during a high school field hockey game between Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School and Swampscott High School on Thursday. Following the incident, Dighton-Rehoboth field hockey captain Kelsey Bain – a teammate of the injured player – wrote a letter to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association detailing the incident and demanding action.

In the letter, Bain described the horrifying injury, revealing that her teammate suffered “significant facial and dental injuries” that “required hospitalization” after she was struck in the face.

“The shrieks and screams of fear and pain that projected from her after being hit filled the stadium,” Bain wrote. “The looks of horror and shock on the faces of the girls surrounding her were also chilling.”

“Following the injury, my teammates were sobbing not only in fear for their teammate but also in fear that they had to go back out onto the field and continue a game, playing against a male athlete who hospitalized one of our own. The traumatic event sheds light on the rules and regulations of male athletes participating in women’s sports.”

Bain called for the MIAA to prevent transgender girls from playing in sports.

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