Donald Trump Sarah Yenesel/Pool via USA TODAY NETWORK

Over the past few months, transgender student-athletes have been given a lot of protections under the Joe Biden administration after Title IX was amended to include protections for transgender women allowing transgender athletes to use locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity and compete in womens’ and girls’ sports. But Donald Trump recently issued transgender athletes a pretty firm warning.

During a recent interview on the right-wing radio show Kahal & Company, Donald Trump warned that he would repeal these protections for transgender athletes “on day one” if he is elected president.

“It’s crazy. It’s crazy. We’re going to end it on day one. Don’t forget, that was done as an order from the President. That came down as an executive order. We’re going to change it on day one. On day one, it’s going to be changed – we’re going to change it. Yes, boys can go into girls’ locker rooms. The whole thing is crazy. Look, it’s like men playing in women’s sports,” Trump said.

“No, we’ll get that changed. Tell your people not to worry about it. It’ll be signed on day one – it’ll be terminated.”

Needless to say, the transgender community will undoubtedly be backing Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

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