Donald Trump John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Former United States President Donald Trump has not yet officially won the Republican presidential nomination, but it looks like he’s already set his sights on his next opponent with some brutal comments aimed at the athletic prowess of current President Joe Biden.

While speaking at a rally in South Dakota over the weekend, Donald Trump decided to criticize Joe Biden during his speech. But instead of taking a shot at his policies or his ability to lead the country, Trump instead decided to send a brutal message about something else: Biden’s golf swing.

In his speech, Trump questioned Biden’s golf handicap and claimed that he “can’t hit a ball.”

“Did you ever see his golf swing? He says he’s a 6 handicap. This guy can’t hit a ball,” Trump said during the speech, eliciting a roar from the crowd.

Trump, obviously, is a very regular golfer who claims to have just won the Senior Club Championship at his Bedminster course, claiming that he shot an eye-popping score of 67 on one round, which would have been a better score than Phil Mickelson shot on the course just two weeks beforehand.

Trump reportedly carries a 2.8 handicap and has played golf since 1968 while Biden has only played the sport since 2001.

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