Brett Favre

Over the past several months, former NFL star quarterback Brett Favre has been in the news quite often for all the wrong reasons due to his alleged involvement in a scheme to redirect millions of dollars intended for Mississippi’s poorest citizens for himself and athletic projects for his alma mater, the University of Southern Miss. Now, Favre claims you can’t trust the news.

This week, Brett Favre was a guest on Donald Trump Jr.’s podcast “Triggered” where he claimed that “the left” controls the narrative of the news.

“If you’re watching the news, depending on who you’re watching, 99.9% of the news is the left. So there’s a huge agenda,” Favre said on the podcast. “They control the narrative.”

As a result of his fear that the left is controlling the media and the narrative, Favre suggests that people should simply not watch or listen to the news.

“The best way to squash that is don’t watch it – don’t listen,” Favre said.

This is not the first time Favre has fought against the news media. He recently attempted to sue sports media personality Pat McAfee for defamation due to McAfee’s reporting of the allegations against Favre. However, Favre has since dropped that suit with no settlement paid.

[Ron Filipkowski]