The Washington Capitals had their way with the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday night, cruising to a 4-0 victory at home. The Penguins couldn’t seem to do much against the Caps, even with some significant help from the officiating crew. Late in the third period, referee Tim Peel – generally regarded as one of the worst officials in the league – determined this play by Alexander Ovechkin was worthy of not one, but TWO minor penalties:


Ovechkin manages to get position on Cristian Ehrhoff and out-muscle him along the boards with a perfectly legal move, yet Peel and his crew handed Ovechkin a holding and a roughing call as a result. Several Penguins teammates came to the defense of Ehrhoff, who was shaken up as a result of the play, after the whistle and things quickly got out of hand.


But they weren’t done there:


It’s nothing new to see a game spiral out of control thanks to Peel’s ineptitude, but it’s still a shame that he’s not on Twitter to hear about it.