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Cam Newton spotted a 12th man (aka the dumbest flag representing the dumbest thing in sports) flag while doing his post-game victory lap so he decided to take it and throw it with a smile on his face.

It was hilarious to everyone, except Seahawks fans, apparently, who took exception to the star quarterback’s stunt. One of those fans decided to post about it on Facebook where KIRO 7 News picked it up.

Hawk Fan’s Issues Heartfelt Letter to Cam Newton: This letter to Cam from Sarah was posted on our Facebook Page. Sarah…

Posted by KIRO 7 News on Monday, January 18, 2016

We’re really doing this again? Newton ran into a similar situation this year when he took a custom sign away from a Packers fan. This woman seriously needs to just take a break and a step back. The cancer line was particularly atrocious. Also, she knows who she’s talking about right? Cam is one of the most charitable guys in the NFL and gives a football to a different little kid after every touchdown. But yeah, he’s a terrible person.

[TheCauldron, KIRO7 News]

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