Tyreek Hill Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

After several top receivers throughout the league were given new contracts this offseason, Miami Dolphins superstar wide receiver Tyreek Hill is seeking a new contract and more money from the team. But even if that’s his desire, it is not his biggest goal for this upcoming season.

While Tyreek Hill clearly wants a new contract and feels like he deserves an increase in his pay, he sent a pretty clear message to the Dolphins as he revealed that his “real goal” is to help lead the Miami Dolphins to the Super Bowl.

“Oh yeah, for sure, so very excited for [a new deal], man, but the real goal is to win the Super Bowl,” Hill told Aaron Wilson of KPRC earlier this week. “It’s cool to get paid and all that, but you know being able to win a Super Bowl and bring something special to the city of Miami, that’s something that can live with us forever. I believe that’s very monumental for all of us. Create greatness, man.”

Obviously, Hill has won a Super Bowl during his time with the Kansas City Chiefs, so he knows what it takes to reach that goal. But at the same time, it’s pretty clear he is seeking a contract that he thinks he deserves.