Tua Tagovailoa Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Tua Tagovailoa has become one of the more prolific quarterbacks in the NFL during his first four seasons in the league, but this offseason he is making a pretty significant change to try to become even more dominant.

During a press conference this week, Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel revealed that Tua Tagovailoa is trying to maintain his strength while also slimming down a little bit to make himself a little more “limber in the pocket.”

“That’s a very understandable misconception,” McDaniel said according to Pro Football Talk. “We were not on an offseason weight program last year, it was strength. So him getting stronger and the unintended consequences for him personally and he saw his game, his strength increased but he felt like he could have the same amount of strength and kind of reshape his body and be a little lighter on his feet.

“So it’s kind of the natural evolution of you get stronger and then you really pay attention to your diet, the times that you’re eating and when your caloric intake is, those types of things, so he can maintain those strength gains while also being a little more limber in the pocket I think is what’s drove him to kind of attack that which he’s done a great job of.”

Obviously, Tagovailoa has been a good athlete throughout his career, but this should make him even more effective on his feet.

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