Skip Bayless has explained one of his worst Tweets ever.

On Sunday, the Undisputed host sent out this humdinger of a second-grade insult during the New England Patriots 31-20 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Ah, yes. Belichick, more like Smell-ichick. Got em, Skip!

In case you didn’t understand the deep, hilarious nature of Bayless’ joke, Skip explained the tweet – directed at Bill Belichick, arguably the greatest coach in NFL history – on Monday’s episode of Undisputed with Shannon Sharpe.

“That just smelled to me.” “IT STINKS.”

The Patriots performance certainly wasn’t up to snuff, as Jags quarterback Blake Bortles picked through New England’s secondary to the tune of four passing touchdowns. They did stink. Bayless isn’t wrong. But, thinking his silly rhyme is both worth tweetings and bringing up on a live show is very on-brand. I know toddlers with better burns.

Here’s a reminder Bayless is getting paid more than $25 million by FOX for these fire takes. Good lord.

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