Prepare to cringe.

Skip Bayless is a lot of things: A professional bloviator, an attention seeker, and an all-around ridiculous human being. One thing the Undisputed on Fs1 host isn’t? A good dancer/meme recreator.

Check out this cringe-worthy clip of Bayless doing the Conor McGregor walk/dance in one of the most “how you do, fellow kids,” moments ever. Bayless finishes off the monstrosity with “the Dak attack is back.” Great work, Skip.

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott did have one of his better games of the season in Dallas’ 40-7 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, passing for two touchdowns and running for another one. Once again, he didn’t throw 200 yards, but Dallas won.

Still, Prescott could have thrown infinity touchdowns, and this dance would be too much. Bayless is 66-years-old, and it makes everyone uncomfortable to see him try this type of stuff. Retire this move, Skip. Never dance in public again. PLEASE.

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