Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers added both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields to the roster this offseason as they look for their next starting quarterback, but it sounds like the team wasn’t blown away by either of the players this spring.

According to a report from NFL insider Albert Breer of, neither Russell Wilson nor Justin Fields “lit the world on fire” during their spring workouts and practices. As a result, Breer expects the team to continue allowing the two to compete and letting Fields push Wilson before they ultimately name a starting quarterback.

“I’d look for the Pittsburgh Steelers to keep pushing Russell Wilson. Through the spring, neither Wilson nor Justin Fields lit the world on fire in Pittsburgh. But what the staff did see was a motivated Wilson, who benefitted from the competition Fields was giving him,” Breer wrote. “So I’ll be interested to see how long Pittsburgh waits to shut down any notion of one.

“Yes, it can help to fully declare your starter. But there is something to the benefit the Steelers are getting from having two guys in contract years battling to get on, and stay on, the field. And if the benefit to this point has been Wilson operating like he’s got horse blinders on, maybe it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to go away from that.”

It will certainly be interesting to see who ultimately earns the job in Pittsburgh and whether or not they can hold on to it throughout the season.