Richard Sherman became one of the most polarizing figures in sports on Sunday evening by doing three things:

1. Making an unbelievable defensive play to get his team into the Super Bowl
2. Showing Michael Crabtree his excitement for his great play (and then making some edits to his Wikipedia page)
3. Telling Erin Andrews that Michael Crabtree lost this battle

But the above video from November of last year reminds you that Sherman is a true student of the game. After watching this, I personally found it hard to hate on the guy. He prepares meticulously; educates his teammates; makes his guys better.

Who cares about the rest of it? The only people who have an excuse to be mad at this guy are 49ers fans.

If you somehow missed the leaked Richard Sherman GMAIL account, you shouldn’t have because it is hilarious.  You can view it here.

[Sports on Earth]

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