Russell Wilson Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After things did not work out between him and the Denver Broncos the past two seasons, Russell Wilson is looking for a fresh start after signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers this offseason. But one former quarterback does not seem to think that things are going to work out for him in Pittsburgh, either.

During a recent appearance on Guy Haberman’s YouTube Channel, former Pitt Panthers quarterback Max Browne did not hold back as he questioned the ability of Russell Wilson to be successful in Pittsburgh, calling him a “middling quarterback.”

“Take the football out of it, in between the ears, how does Russell lead?” Browne asked. “How does Russell relate to his team? Can Russell sit with this uneasiness that, ‘I’m no longer a top 10 quarterback in the NFL?’ How does that work when the Pittsburgh media is on him for being a middling quarterback, and he says, ‘The sun is always shining,’ and we know that’s not true. That’s my biggest question.”

Obviously, Wilson will have a lot to prove this upcoming season with the Steelers, and that starts during spring training as he tries to hold off former Chicago Bears starting quarterback Justin Fields and earn the starting spot.

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