Vikings Helmet Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

In the offseason, almost everyone is optimistic about the upcoming season. But Minnesota Vikings safety Camryn Bynum seems to be turning that optimism up a notch.

During a recent press conference, Camryn Bynum made it clear that he expects nothing less than a Super Bowl title.

“I expect a Super Bowl. Everybody says that, and everybody should say that,” Bynum said on NFL Network. “But you look at the guys on the team, you look at the locker room, all the experience we have. Look how much depth we have, especially on the defense. So many guys. It’s almost weird looking around, you’re like, OK how are we all going to get on the field? There’s just so many ballers. You look at the offense. There’s a baller at every position when you look across the whole board.

“That’s why I’m confident when I say I expect us to be a Super Bowl team. But really, our preparation has to tell it all. You say that every year. Every team says that every year, but we have to put all these names and everything. We have to make it real.”

It’s safe to say that not many others agree as the Vikings currently have some of the worst Vegas odds to win the upcoming Super Bowl, especially after the departure of previous starting quarterback Kirk Cousins.

But Bynum seems to be confident, so we’ll have to see if he and the team can prove all the doubters wrong.