Tua Tagovailoa Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, a report indicated that starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa skipped a significant portion of the Miami Dolphins offseason workouts. And during a press conference on Tuesday, head coach Mike McDaniel confirmed that report.

During his press conference, Mike McDaniel confirmed that Tua Tagovailoa has been in and out of the team’s offseason workouts this year, which is a change from the previous four years when the quarterback was around for the vast majority of the team’s offseason workouts.

“The good news about ‘all’ is it’s very black and white. He has been here for offseason activities, he has not been here for offseason activities — he has been both,” McDaniel said in his press conference. “I think what’s important in the player-coach relationship is communication. And I think however things play out, as long as we’re communicating and we’re on our Ps and Qs in what we need to get accomplished, then we have a fighting chance.

“It’s been a good exercise in our relationship this offseason.”

Tagovailoa is currently in the midst of contract negotiations with the Miami Dolphins as the two sides try to workout a long-term contract extension to keep him with the team for the foreseeable future. While he did sit out some workouts while negotiating this contract extension, he did return to the team this week for OTAs.

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