Dylan Mulvaney Credit: Dylan Mulvaney

Earlier this year, transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney was at the center of a controversy after she partnered with Bud Light for a promotion of the popular tailgate beer. The promotion resulted in a boycott from many conservative consumers. But Mulvaney seems to have future plans with Bud Light.

During a recent interview with The Cut, Dylan Mulvaney said that it would be “epic” to partner with Bud Light or another beer brand for a Super Bowl commercial in the future, presumably when the masses become more accepting of the transgender community.

“Maybe it’d be epic … if in like 10 years I got to do a beer commercial for a Super Bowl,” Mulvaney said.

But Mulvaney also confessed that the past few months have been a big “wake up call” for her about the realities of the world.

“I think that some trans elders probably looked at me this last year and were like, [expletive word]. You have so far to go.’ I think they probably saw what has happened to me these last few months coming,” Mulvaney said. “This was a good wake-up call for me. Now I’m a more realistic person.”

We’ll have to see if she ever gets that Super Bowl commercial. It’s safe to say that it would indeed be “epic.”

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