Current Philadelphia Eagle and former New England Patriot Chris Long is in an exciting position. Ahead of the Super Bowl, he is facing his former team in the most significant football game of the year. But that isn’t the only headline he is making; he has made compelling statements as well.

One of them came courtesy of an appearance he made on the podcast Pardon My Take.

“No, I’m not going to the White House. Are you kidding me?” said Long on the podcast. Which is understandable considering he made a similar statement regarding going to the White House last year.

This isn’t the only part making headlines; he has also agreed to a bet with linebacker coach Ken Flajole. The bet you ask? If the Eagles win, Long has to get a tattoo of Flajole’s face on his body. The place on his body isn’t decided yet.

Long has a bunch of tattoos on his body, but this one may take the cake. Long will be a pivotal part of the Eagles’ squad and has a chance to be a difference maker. Might as well enjoy the moment if you get there, don’t you think?

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