Bud Light Bud Light

Over the past few months, transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney has been thrust into the headlines as a result of a promotion with Bud Light that ultimately led to criticism and a boycott of the popular tailgate beer brand. But despite the controversy from the past year, it sounds like Mulvaney still has eyes on a huge promotion with a beer company.

During a recent interview with The Cut, Dylan Mulvaney said that it would be “epic” if she could partner with Bud Light or another beer company for a Super Bowl advertisement sometime in the future, presumably once transgender people become more accepted in society and the anti-trans movement inevitably dies down.

“Maybe it’d be epic … if in like 10 years I got to do a beer commercial for a Super Bowl,” Mulvaney said.

The suggestion certainly made waves on social media as people offered their reactions to the possibility of Mulvaney in a Super Bowl commercial.

It’s not clear whether or not Bud Light or another beer company will ever take Mulvaney up on the suggestion, but as Mulvaney said, it would certainly be “epic” given all of the discourse and backlash surrounding her over the past several months.

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