Oh, Wiz Kahlifa…how I hated your song and how I still hate your song. It’s garbage. All I ever here is “Rape and refs”, noting the fact that the Steelers’ quarterback is a rapist and the last two Super Bowl rings were handed to you by the officials. I know I have a harder time backing that up in the Arizona game, but no one of sound mind in Pittsburgh can look me in the eye and tell me they shouldn’t have lost the Seattle game. The trouble is finding someone of sound mind who chooses to live in/root for Pittsburgh.

Moving forward, J-rod has taken that pile of crap song and turned it into something less “Dragon-Tattoo-y” (read: less rape-y) by making it a Broncos anthem. The first guy he mentions isn’t even Tim Tebow. It’s Champ Bailey, and J-rod is still rocking a Bobby Humphrey jersey. If you don’t bleed Orange and Blue, you likely have no idea who that is.

Here’s the video…after this bit of sample lyrics (again, superior to the Dragon Tattoo version):

That’s my team and I don’t care if you ain’t supportin’
We’ve been better ever since we got rid of Kyle Orton.
And it turned out to be a very great decision,
Went from being 1 and 4 to takin’ over our division.
They said that Tebow wasn’t ready to play his position
But he’s cutting up defenses like a surgical incision.
All the sports critics sayin’ how he’s sorta average
but then they give him props on having fourth-quarter magic


Video via Huff