Newly retired cornerback Antonio Cromartie is known for two things in his life. Stopping wide receivers and having sex. We’re aren’t really sure which part we are more impressed by.

Cromartie is at it again as he is having his 14th child but get this, back in 2013, he had a vasectomy. You know, in hopes of not having any more children. Despite the snip job, he has had three kids since then. Freakish sperm in my opinion.

Cromartie announced it before his first full season without football but at least he has another bundle of joy coming into his life.

This is now his sixth child with his current wife. The two have been married since 2008 and for all of you sabermetrics fans out there, that is just less than baby per year. Cromartie has simply been putting in work.

The discussion now needs to flip to when the heck he and his wife are going to stop. Could they make it all the way to 20 children? If you’re a goal-oriented person you have to attempt it and for a determined person like Cromartie, he just might accept that challenge.

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