You know how when people talk about The Wire, they wax poetic about its Dickensian storytelling? Well, in light of the ongoing comedy of errors that is the New York Knicks, we’re coining a new term — Knickensian — to encapsulate their on and off-court injustices to the game of basketball. In other words, it’s what we’ll use to describe every bonehead decision made by a player, coach or front office figure associated with the Knicks.

Examples: Monday night’s Knickensian moment was a team effort, while Wednesday’s belonged to one individual — Andrea Bargnani. With 15 seconds to go in the first overtime period, and the Knicks up two on the Milwaukee Bucks, Bargnani found himself wide open beyond the three-point line. In true Knickensian fashion, Bargnani didn’t even think twice about what to do next, launching a shot that clanged off the rim, which allowed the Bucks to tie the game and send it into a second overtime.

The Knicks would go on to win 107-101, but it’s nothing to celebrate. At 5-20, the Bucks are the worst team in the NBA (which, of course, puts them only three games behind the Knicks in the sorry Eastern Conference). There’s also the part where Carmelo Anthony had to play 55+ minutes in a meaningless December game, Tyson Chandler (their only non-perimeter player with a defensive IQ above 12) playing into a second overtime period in his first game back from injury, and J.R. Smith’s mind-boggling 5-for-17 shooting performancefrom three-point range (haterz to the left!).

Don’t worry, folks, that was only Game #25. There will be many more stories to tell.