Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is currently recovering from two back surgeries that he had over the summer.

One woman who went through a back procedure “very similar” to Kerr’s decided to ask Kerr for some advice on how to deal with her recovery. Amazingly, Kerr apparently responded with a heartwarming handwritten note.


The note reads:

Lisa –
Thank you for your letter & your support. I certainly feel your pain & know what you are going through. I am fighting to return to normalcy as well. Unfortunately I don’t have any cures. I think that we must trust our bodies to heal themselves with time. All the best & good luck w/ your recovery. Go Dubs.

It’s unclear when Kerr will return to the court to join his team (the Warriors are 8-0 under interim coach Luke Walton) but it’s great to see that he’s being so encouraging while he also looks to physically recover from some grueling back surgeries.

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