Tyronn Lue must not be a big fan of his team’s Summer League roster or electric Lakers’ lottery pick, Lonzo Ball. The Cleveland Cavaliers head coach was caught on camera taking a nap during the Cavs-Los Angeles Lakers Summer League game.

Not only was the former guard caught with his eyes closed, but he was clearly asleep during the match. It’s hilarious and somewhat sad considering he was there to scout for his team.

However, to be fair, Lue wasn’t coaching the game as he deferred responsibilities to his Cavs less-experienced coaching staff.

What was he dreaming about? LeBron blocking Draymond at the buzzer. The day that Kyrie Irving made an impossible shot to kill the hope of Warriors fans? Or perhaps, he was having nightmares about the fact Dan Gilbert is secretly running the Cavs by firing general manager after general manager while having no semblance of decency.

Regardless, it’s probably not the best look for Lue to be sleeping during NBA action – even if it’s just the Summer League. The question remains: how did he stay awake through all the Lakers fans cheering Lonzo Ball on every time he did anything?

I’d wager he can sleep through absolutely anything. Hopefully, he’s wide awake as the Cavaliers face the uphill battle of dethroning the Golden State Warriors next season.

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