Luka Doncic’s takeover of EuroLeague basketball has reached a triumphant, likely endpoint.

Doncic, the 19-year-old guard who’s got a good shot at being the first overall selection in the upcoming NBA Draft, led Real Madrid to an 85-80 victory over Fenerbahce to win the EuroLeague Championship. Doncic’s put up a tidy 15 points, chipping in four assists and three rebounds. On top of the Championship, Doncic was named the youngest-ever EuroLeague Final Four MVP.

Watching Doncic’s highlight reel gives a huge glimpse into why so many in NBA circles are high on the talented teenager.

Doncic has played his decision to come over to the NBA close to his chest, but you’ve got to think after accomplishing all that he could with Real Madrid, that he’s got nothing left to prove at that level. It’s time for Doncic to come to the NBA and show the world why he’s so highly regarded.

[Complex/Photo via Luka Doncic]

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