On Friday, the Phoenix Suns dropped a couple of teasers of its new court layout.

Blessedly, it appears that the team is bringing back its glorious Sunburst logo to center court.

The logo will replace the sneakily clever Suns ambigram logo. While that was nice in the abstract, the old court (pictured below) lacked the visual impact of a jagged, flaming basketball shooting into the sky.


The Suns also let fans know that they would be re-inserting some much-needed purple into the court’s design after it was all but wiped out of the Suns’ hardwood in the court’s previous iteration.

As far as Suns’ courts go, this still looks a bit light on purple (It’s one of the team’s colors! Own it!) but hopefully the sidelines puts a heavy emphasis on the color, as it did during the 1990s.

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