It’s the NBA offseason and that means that the various Twitter accounts of basketball teams are littered with retweets of players’ vacation exploits, highlight videos from past seasons and random gifs designed to garner all those coveted retweets and likes.

So, when the Golden State Warriors published a tweet lamenting the fact that the NBA is the midst of its offseason, it’s not surprising that other NBA teams shared similar sentiments with the reigning NBA champs. Teams around the Association shared their own gifs because, well, what else is there for NBA team Twitter accounts to do during the offseason?

At this point, the San Diego Chargers weirdly decided to wade into the circle-jerk conversation between NBA teams with all the grace of a drunk bull to remind them that the NFL season starts first.

The Suns reacted appropriately to the Chargers’ brash intrusion into the NBA Twitter account love-fest.

Amazingly, even after noticing that their shameless attempt to earn e-cred was being rebuffed, the Chargers double-downed on their attention-seeking (To be fair, it’s hard to fault an NFL team for shameless attention-seeking when they are as imminently forgettable as the San Diego Chargers).

Needless to say, although they may be opponents during the season, the NBA’s teams banded together in their derisive responses to the Chargers.

Eventually, the Chargers got the message.

They were not missed.

This is what the offseason does to Sports Twitter. The regular season (for both sports) can’t come soon enough.