It’s a day that ends with the letter Y, so, of course, Skip Bayless delivered an absolutely absurd LeBron take.

The Undisputed host – AKA the man who’s downright obsessive about LeBron’s clutch gene and making sure nobody calls him the GOAT – discussed the Lakers superstar shooting and dunking around with his 13-year-old son Bronny Jr. before a recent AAU game.

Bayless hinted at a truly awful take on Sunday.

Surprise, surprise, on Monday’s show, Bayless revealed he didn’t like it.

“This was just so pathetically wrong on so many levels because first of all, his namesake son, 13-year-old LeBron James Jr., is obviously trying to make his own way in basketball,” Skip said. “He’s trying to make a name for himself. And all of the sudden, his father is in their layup line doing contest dunks—not just shooting layups like the kids are shooting. He’s doing contest dunks.”

To summarize: Bayless is mad because LeBron James – the best basketball player on the planet and perhaps, the greatest of all time – went into his 13-year-old son’s layup line and threw down dunks with him.

We’re with Shannon Sharpe on this one: “Don’t do this Skip.”

Imagine seeing LeBron James dunking alongside you in a layup line? That would be the most amazing thing ever as a thirteen-year-old basketball player. Even if you’re a hater. Of course, Skip found a way to hate on a harmless, fun moment.

Here are some of the words Skip uttered in trying to justify his garbage opinion.

“I nearly fell off my chair.”

“Is this somehow Photoshopped, CGI, or Mission Impossible stuff?” (what???)

“LeBron can’t help himself.”

“LeBron finally wins a dunk contest.”

Keep in mind, there have been crickets from Bayless on LeBron James’ amazing opening of a public school. Honestly, it wouldn’t shock me in the slightest if Bayless opens tomorrow’s show by saying Michael Jordan could have opened up a much more efficient school with many more graduates. It’s how petty this dude is.

LeBron did nothing wrong by throwing down dunks before his son’s game. Frankly, it’s a non-story. I could understand a reasonable take about LeBron hogging the spotlight, even if it’s still somewhat silly. But, to call it “pathetically wrong,” and to dedicate an entire segment to it, is exactly what’s wrong with Skip Bayless. He’s a leech who loves blowing smoke out of his ass to criticize both a great basketball player and (assumably) father instead of offering even the slightest praise to him for one of the most humanitarian efforts in the history of pro sports.

Talking about LeBron pays the bills at Fox Sports 1 and keeps Skip Bayless on the air. It’s why his takes get more and more outlandish. In this case, like almost every single other one, Bayless is wrong about LeBron. Just stop.


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