ESPN personality and professional manifestation of every terrible YouTube comment Skip Bayless was in rare form following LeBron James’s masterful performance during Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

In a game that the Cavs had to win to avoid going down 0-2 against the Warriors, LeBron played out of his mind. In 50:20 minutes (including overtime) of work, James scored 39 points (on a less-than-stellar 11-35 shooting) while he grabbed 16 rebounds and dished out 11 assists. The Cavs won the game by two points and evened the series at 1-1.

By any reasonable metric, LeBron was the main reason that the Cavs eked out an upset at Oracle. Skip Bayless, however, is not constrained by a concept like “reason.” So, when asked to grade LeBron’s Game 2 performance, after noting that LeBron is “the best basketball player on the planet,” Bayless gave LeBron a C+ for essentially struggling late in the game against one of the best defenses in basketball.

Per For the Win:

2-for-12 was LeBron James in the fourth quarter and overtime. He had three total assists in the fourth quarter and overtime. Not bad, but not great…. [at the end of regulation] LeBron had a tough but decent shot. A left-handed layup that was clean, and he missed it. I’m thinking that the best player on the planet should have made that shot. Some how, some way, if you’re not going to get fouled and you get the ball that close to the rim, you should put it down.

Check out the rest of the above video to watch a masterful troll expertly go about his craft.

[For the Win]