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Over the past several months and years, the debate surrounding transgender women participating in women’s sports has become one of the hottest topics throughout the country. And now one current NBA star has offered his opinion on the matter.

During a recent appearance on the “Full Send” podcast, Denver Nuggets star forward Michael Porter Jr. made it very clear that he is not in support of allowing transgender women to compete in sports. He offered a pretty brutal message for those transgender athletes, saying that even the conversation about their possible inclusion “irritates” him as he called them “men.”

“Most women can’t compete with men, and I don’t think men should be able to transition and play with women. That whole conversation just irritates me,” Porter Jr. said on the “Full Send” podcast according to The Spun.

After he was selected in the first round of the 2018 NBA Draft, Porter has recently emerged as a star in the NBA as he helped lead the Nuggets to the NBA title last season, starting all 20 games during the team’s run through the postseason.

Now, it appears that Porter is choosing to use his star platform and his fame to speak out against transgender women participating in women’s sports.

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