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Michael Jordan’s mansion in Highland Park, Illinois has been on the market for years and the asking price has now been lowered to a “mere” $14.855 million.

The Highland Park property’s asking price was as high as $29 million in 2012 but it’s been sitting on the market ever since. As for the reason why it’s been so difficult to sell, a report from last year indicates that neighboring homes tend to fall in the $1-5 million range which makes such a dramatic leap a hard pill for potential suitors to swallow.

One has to hand it to the real estate agents in charge of selling the property though. They tried their damndest to make the asking price reduction into an homage to Michael Jordan:

“The price reflects a number that is more significant,” said Nartey, the director of the sports and entertainment division for the Beverly Hills-based brokerage. “If you take a look at those numbers in the price and add them up, they equal 23.”

So, what does the now-not-so-oddly-priced $14.855 million get a potential buyer? A three story house with nine bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. There’s also a movie theater, a poker room, a lounge with a cigar room, a bar and a 15-car garage.

Of course, the grounds also include an indoor tennis court, a putting green and an indoor regulation basketball court complete with a Jumpman logo.

Surely, there is some multi-millionaire MJ fanatic who wants this place. If not, does anyone want to start a Go Fund Me?





Note: This video was made for the house’s unsuccessful auction in 2013.

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