Lil B

When Lil B first cursed Kevin Durant, it was pretty funny that a major NBA player had beef with, well, someone like Lil B. Then it seemed like Lil B’s Based God’s curse actually ruined Durant’s career, and I started to question if Lil B was some sort of wizard.

And after some time out of the NBA spotlight, Lil B reappeared again to curse James Harden for doing his signature “cooking dance” move, which he accused him of stealing. That resulted in Harden losing in five games to the Warriors in brutal fashion.

And now, Lil B reappeared once again to curse LeBron James and JR Smith for flicking their wrists.

Lil B was funny at first, but now he’s just getting seriously annoying. He reeks of desperation, like he’s trying to take advantage of the NBA’s mass media appeal.

But at least he cursed James, which is basically the entirety of the Cavaliers. Lil B’s curse has been deadly, and you’d have to imagine that he’s a Warriors fan coming from the Bay Area.