The potential of the Lakers’ under-23 core of D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Jordan Clarkson has been the lone upside following the worst season in Los Angeles history. And after they struck out again in free agency, the summer league was supposed to offer some sort of hope for Laker hopefuls. Then, they proceeded to score five points in the first quarter of a Las Vegas Summer League game against the Knicks. Let me say that again — five points, against the Knicks.

The Lakers committed seven turnovers, six fouls, and scored just five points in their opening quarter against New York. They committed more turnovers and fouls than they scored points. Even against the Knicks that’s difficult to do.

Russell also continues to struggle in his third summer league game. In addition to seven turnovers with a quarter left to go in the game, the point guard has only dished one assist and is yet to make a three-point bucket.

Even in the summer league, the Lakers can’t not suck.


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