during the Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA Championship victory parade and rally on June 22, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The NBA is a completely different animal than other leagues. They are light years ahead in their social media games and they have no qualms about putting people in their place.

We recently saw that Kevin Durant had a burner account and multiple other players talk trash on Twitter. Now it looks like another basketball star isn’t going to take insults lying down.

Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers may not be the star on the team but he is a big part of the team. He gets rebounds and knocks down shots. He may look like a complimentary player to some and an easy target.

A viral video posted by Barstool Sports took a shot at Love and he wasn’t going to take it. He immediately pointed out that the lone white kid in the video was going to get “primo” sex (Love used an emoji of a box to point this out).

As far as dunks on Twitter go, this is as malicious as it gets. Love bragged about his sex life and made sure the company that insulted him wasn’t going to be able to respond. I am impressed.

If this is any indication of the attitude Love is going to have coming into the season, it may be time to crown him as MVP.

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