Toronto Raptors guard Kawhi Leonard is an incredibly special basketball player, capable of making seemingly impossible plays on the basketball court thanks to his incredible length and on the court IQ. Yet, somehow, the 27-year-old keeps surprising in just how amazing he is.

Check out this absolutely absurd steal from Leonard on a Gorgui Dieng bounce bass. Leonard tracks the ball down without even looking at it, coming away with the steal.

How did he do that? If you told be Leonard had eyes in the back of his head, I’d believe you based on this play.

To top off his all-around impressiveness, Leonard finished with 35 points on 15/23 shooting, chipped in five rebounds and two assists. For those suggesting the Raptors made a poor move acquiring him, you’re just wrong. This steal will be on ‘best of’ NBA highlight reels all season long.

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