In case you missed it, Dirk Nowitzki straight fell down — twice, hard, and in almost the same spot — last night against the San Antonio Spurs. Both times, Boris Diaw drove right past him into the lane. Diaw didn’t put much of a move on him, so many people chalked it up to wet spots on the floor that the towel boys missed. Today, the big German took to Twitter to explain what happened.

If Dirk had said he slipped both times, I’d 100% believe him. Instead, Dirk claims Diaw committed an offensive foul on the first one, even though he was already going down when Diaw went by. Then, he plays the “wet spot” card on the second mishap. So, either Dirk is just messing with all of us, or Diaw is basically a superhero whose power is making people fall down with no jukes and without touching them.