Dominating and keeping up on the ever-evolving high school basketball landscape is a tough task. It might be a little easier though when you have a recognizable name.

There is a young hoopster that also has the name Jeremy Lin, like the Brooklyn Nets point guard of the same name, who is absolutely tearing up the circuit.

Lin’s handles are much more mature than his 14-year old frame has any right being. He also was seamlessly pulling up from deep and sinking shots from way, way out. That is going to translate no matter the level, especially with the NBA and college basketball going to the run and gun game.

Lin even received an invite to the 2017 Ballislife Jr. All-American Camp hosted by Adidas Hoops showcase’s top-25 game after he “impressed [us] with his range and his passing abilities.”

The Centennial High School (CA) student is going to need to add more to his 5’8″ and 130lb frame if he wants to make it but it is great to see the tools at his disposal.

Now, we are at least aware that if your name is Jeremy Lin, you have a good chance at being a solid basketball player. Wish I would have known that before averaging three points a night on my CYO team.

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