If you are looking for some Jeff Gordon memorabilia, you can now stop looking.Some fan has created a limited-edition Jeff Gordon Pop-Tart and is now selling the piece of art on E-Bay for $10,000.
I mean, now that we have seen the image of the Pop-Tart it doesn’t seem like that bad of a deal. The only thing more hilarious than the Pop-Tart itself is the description that the seller wrote. Here is just a taste, and you can read the rest HERE.

With one day left, a blogger (jeez – what is UP with these negative Nellies? Don’t ANY of you see the glass half full instead of half empty?) pointed out that this Pop Tart is (a) a THEMED Pop Tart (duh) and (b) is not autographed by Jeff Gordon (well DUH DUH DUH again). The journalistic powers of observation never cease to amaze me. And, that same blogger pointed out that this Pop Tart doesn’t have a bite taken out of it by Jeff Gordon, either. Um, yah, OK. Really? And that blogger came to that conclusion how/why? (my eyes just about rolled right out of my head while I was reading his thinly veiled (frosted?) written attempt at sarcasm about my auction.

I admit I am a bit whacky (okay – a LOT whacky) for putting this Pop Tart up for auction for 10 grand but I am NOT in the league with those creepy nutter butters who snag half eaten celebrity food right off of dirty plates and post same on ebay via their smartphones (I hope they wash their hands first!) or those hard core fans who acquire (ewww) sweaty, gross, stinky BO smelling shirts, nasty shorts, rotting foot smell shoes, etc. worn by famous god only knows who and daintily wrap those items in pink and yellow tissue so as to capture their (yuck) “essence” in all their photographic splendor for ebay auctions!

At least my Pop Tart came out of an brand new unopened box and not off of someone’s plate – UNLIKE THE 10 YEAR OLD GRILLED CHEESE THAT SOLD FOR 28 THOUSAND DOLLARS. And was BURNED!

My Jeff Gordon Pop Tart may be old, is most definitely not edible but it is NOT burned.

C’mon people cut me a break will ya ? LOL Tell ya’ll what: If someone buys this Pop Tart (this auction or 10 auctions in the future), I will donate $500 to JG’s favorite charity. Game on!

What a great troll job.

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