Part of what makes NASCAR racing thrive is the massive amount of advertising and sponsorship throughout racetracks. Some racers took sponsorship to a new level this weekend after crashing into barriers.

In the “roval” race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, multiple racers had billboard ads stuck on and in their cars after hitting barriers on the course.

Driver Chris Buescher got an Echo Park billboard stuck to the back of his car and managed to drive off with it.

Meanwhile, JJ Yeley experienced similar problems as a Bojangles ad got stuck on the front of his car.

While NASCAR drivers don’t want to give away free ad space on their cars, both Echo Park and Bojangles got their moneys worth for their trackside ads. It’s hilarious and totally accidental, but you can’t beat prime ad space the companies received from the stuck billboards.

After how everything unfolded, both Buescher and Yeley should reach out to the respective ad companies and look for new sponsorship deals. Perhaps, this is the odd start of a beautiful NASCAR partnership.

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