Ricky Stenhouse Jr. moments before punching Kyle Busch Photo Credit: Fox

After Sunday’s NASCAR All-Star Race a war of words between Kyle Busch and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. turned into a full-on brawl that was captured on camera between the two competitors. And now, the two have been offered an opportunity for a sanctions fight should they want it.

Sunday’s fight between Busch and Stenhouse came after Busch sent Stenhouse into the wall on lap two of the race, ending his race before it really ever got started.

Stenhouse wasted no time getting into Busch’s face on pit road after the race had concluded, ultimately throwing a punch at him which stemmed the fight. This all happened while Fox was attempting to interview Joey Logano, the winner of the race.

Most fans saw this as a one-off incident. But Damon Feldman, the CEO of Celebrity Boxing, has offered the two an opportunity to face off against one another for real, with nobody except for the referee to pull the two off of each other.

“You guys saw what went down in NASCAR the other day,” said Feldman in his pitch to the two fighters, posted by TMZ. “Ricky Stenhouse Jr. got into it with Kyle Busch. It was a rumble. Now, there is only one way to settle that rumble. And that’s in the Celebrity Boxing ring. Come on NASCAR, let’s make this the biggest deal in the country!”

Interestingly enough, Stenhouse Jr. appears to be up for the idea, saying as much in an interview moments after the incident with Fox’s Jamie Little.

“I would do a charity match to raise some money,” said Stenhouse. “That would be fun. But other than that, I have nothing for him (Kyle Busch).”

It’s unclear whether Busch has any interest in a potential exhibition boxing match against Stenhouse. But it would sure be a sight to see if he did.


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