The cringe is strong with Michael Waltrip.

The former Daytona 500 winner interviewed the rap group Migos at a NASCAR event where things got weird. To start the interview, Waltrip dabs and asks Takeoff, Offset and Quavo if he’s doing right.

*Waltrip does terrible dab*

“You see it?”

“What’s that?”

“That’s my dab.” WOOF

Thankfully, the members of Migos showed Waltrip the proper way to do the dance and Offset even chimed in with a “SKRRT SKRRT.”

Waltrip even raps with them – and yes, it’s incredibly corny. Although, I’ve got to commend him for giving it his all and embarrassing himself with the rap group on TV. Further shoutout to Migos for rolling with it.

Waltrip’s dab makes me want to simultaneously delete the above video, so no one ever has to see it, but also, I want to share it with everybody to understand how to not dab.


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