The MLB All-Star Game had an unprecedented turnout for the two final roster spots on the AL and NL Squads. Yu Darvish and and David Freese (or #VoteYu and #FreesePlease) received the most overall votes.

In addition to its online and paper balloting, a Twitter vote was conducted in a four hour window this afternoon. The player’s hashtags counted in addition to all their other votes.  Braves outfielder Michael Bourn (or #VoteBourn) received the most tweet votes of any player.

Sports consistently are some of the most popular topics on Twitter. All of the leading contenders were trending at some point this afternoon. Today’s get-out-the-tweet campaign drew an average of 2,500 tweets per minute with all-star hashtags.

The candidates seemed to enjoy the campaign as well. White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy (#TakeJake) had this to say:

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I think this is a fun, easy way to get fans involved. And its a bonus seeing what athletes have to say. What does everyone else think?