During today’s White Sox/Giants game, Robin Ventura — the manager of the White Sox — thought his team was a step closer to escaping a 7th-inning jam. But, when umpires overturned a crucial call at the plate, which allowed the Giants to tie the game, Ventura lost it.

The call in question had to do with Buster Posey rule. Formally known as Rule 7.13, it prevents catchers from blocking home plate before they have the ball in their possession. On the play, the White Sox thought they had thrown out the runner at the plate, only to have the umpires say the White Sox’s catcher was blocking the plate prior to receiving the ball.

It’s a long video, so if you’re here to simply see Ventura lose his mind, skip to the 5:54 mark. But, if you’re here to debate the ruling and the rule itself, go ahead and watch the entire video.

The Giants ended up scoring seven runs in the inning and won the game by a score of 7-1.


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