I’m normally not too into baseball, but man, I might be now after the 7th inning in the Texas Rangers vs. Toronto Blue Jays Game 5.

The 7th inning started pretty normally. Then things got nuts. The Rangers had Roughned Odor on third with Shin Soo Choo up at bat. Russell Martin, on a routine throwback to the pitcher, threw the ball off Choo’s bat, which is a live ball, which allowed Odor to score.

Obviously, everyone in Toronto was in an uproar because everyone thought the play was blown dead. Beer flew down from the upper decks onto the field, garbage was thrown, and there was general upheaval everywhere. But it wasn’t, run scored, and the Jays got out of the inning. In the bottom of the inning, the Rangers committed three errors, two by Elvis Andrus, to load up the bases for the Jays. Josh Donaldson then hit a bloop over, ironically, Odor’s head which scored the runner at third. The next batter up was Jose Bautista. And Joey Bats did what he does best and launched a ball into orbit. His three run homerun out the Jays up by three.

Forget the homerun, the bat flip, itself, should have won the game. Just look at it in all its glory.


The inning wasn’t over just yet. After the homerun, the crowd went, understandably, insane. They, again, started throwing beer and popcorn all over the place. The Rangers bench had someone ejected because a fan threw something into the dugout. Then, Edwin Encarnacion was trying to calm down the crowd when Rangers pitcher Sam Dyson throught he was trying to pump up the crowd and had some choice words for the Jays’hitter. This resulted in the benches clearing.

After the inning was over, Dyson patted Troy Tulowitzki on the ass which resulted in Tulo jawing at the Rangers’ pitcher and the benches to clear one more time.

Oh, and the Jays just won. Toronto might explode now.

[H/T JohnFeitelberg,MichaelHermosillo]

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