As far as athlete romantic endeavors go, they’re generally tame and kept in the private eye. Rarely, if ever, are you given a behind the scenes looks into a couple’s relationship.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are trying to change that thought process as they have continued to put their relationship out in the open for all to see. It has all led to this workout video that they released essentially proving that, yes, they do work out and yes, they do care for one another.

Instead, it may just be the most awkward video you’ll watch today.

It is a nearly 45-second video where for 20 seconds of it, they are walking around the gym. They also attempt to perform boxing exercises at about 50% effort and not much more. It raises the question, why in the hell was it even released?

This doesn’t put them in the best light and it makes them look robotic in their day-to-day activities. While being together is mutually beneficial for both of them, putting out videos like this you could understand why someone would question the validity of their relationship.

As long as they are happy it doesn’t matter what the haters think. Next time, don’t give them so much ammo.

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