The hype around Derek Jeter memorabilia is still incredibly real.

The baseball that was used to record Derek Jeter’s final out as a professional baseball player was auctioned off on Monday night. It fetched $24,025.

Twenty four thousand and twenty five dollars.

The five figure ball was lined out by Jeter at Fenway Park during his final game.

Again, this is a ball that doesn’t even represent Jeter’s last triumph. It’s the physical embodiment of his last out.

In less maddening news (at least as far as Jeter memorabilia goes), the base that Jeter reached to record his final hit was also put up for auction. That one fetched a winning bid of $50,050.

If there is anything good to say about all of this, it’s that neither auction is as ludicrous as the sale of Jeter’s used socks as memorabilia.

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