On Thursday, the Cleveland Indians proudly showcased a prank that the team played on shortstop Jose Ramirez.

The team apparently did not approve of the way that Ramirez had carelessly parked his car in the team’s parking lot. So, in retaliation, the Indians moved his BMW to shortstop to teach Ramirez a lesson in proper parking etiquette.

“I just saw his car parked a little far from the curve. It was a little awkward and there were a lot of spaces around,” veteran infielder Mike Aviles told reporters. “We just figured we would park it somewhere a little more comfortable.

“Hey, he parks anywhere so you might as well park it in a comfortable spot. When you park it anywhere, what’s the difference between the field and the parking lot?”

Apparently, Ramirez’s disregard for parking lines has been an on-going thing for the Indians.

If this doesn’t encourage Ramirez to park better, I don’t know what will.