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If you’re one of the many, many lucky women who’s had sex with Yankees legend Derek Jeter, you’re probably in possession of one of those infamous gift baskets he gives his hookups after he sends them on their way the next morning. If you’re not lucky enough to be one of the chosen many, however, you can now purchase one of those gift baskets…but it’s going to cost you.

One woman who has “charished” this basket for more than a decade is apparently ready to part ways with her sex souvenir, and she’s looking for nearly $2,000 in return. That’s a hefty price for an empty basket that has been used to hold towels and toilet paper for much of the past 10 years, even if it was originally gifted by Jeter himself. Then again, Jeter’s in a serious relationship now so this might be your last chance to get your hands on one of these things.

But how do we know this is actually one of Jeter’s “morning after” baskets? Well, the seller doesn’t have proof but she’s willing to “describe every inch of Derek as a way of proof if needed,” which is kind of creepy.

Here’s the listing just in case you’re rich and weird and want to put in a bid on this thing.